Pro Dent Mobile Paintless Dent Repair

paintless dent repair utaSometimes “really making a dent in things” is a good thing—like when you’re tackling that big report or spring cleaning project. Other times it’s enough to make you want to throw in the chamois cloth, like when you discover a dent in your otherwise cherry ride. At Pro Dent we get it. That’s why we specialize in taking care of those dents quickly, flawlessly and without needing to take apart your entire ride to make it happen. As the first paintless dent removal shop in the Salt Lake City area, we know that a lot of the time dent removal doesn’t need to be costly.

Think the dent is too big for dentless approaches? Think again. You’d be surprised how many larger dents and dings are great candidates for this process. At Pro Dent, every member of our team is committed to providing our neighbors and customers with the best experience at the best price. It’s why we offer mobile services, competitive rates and skilled technicians with the latest state of the art equipment.

Being dent-free is our priority, and we want to see you in a perfect ride.

Why Dents and Dings? 

Every auto shop has a specialty, whether it’s transmissions, radiators or some other area. At Pro Dent, our shop was founded by local Murray expert mechanics that had a penchant for shiny things. For seamless things. For the kind of vehicles that make people do double takes. However, even a minor dent or ding can seriously cramp your style. Even if your friends insist nobody notices, you know it’s there. It’s driving you crazy, and the team at Pro Dent feels your pain.

Even though paintless dent removal is relatively quick and low-cost, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes years of practice, study and experience to perfectly perferm. It’s not something even the best “car artist” can freehand. Fortunately, the technology of paintless dent removal is always evolving, and when we get in the latest new accessory or upgrade for your equipment, it’s like the holidays came early. And when paint is needed, we use computerized paint matching so we are always “spot” on.

At Pro Dent, we live for the kind of cars that feature slick lines and gorgeous paint that not even a car show judge could find a flaw with—and the best part? You reap all the benefits.

What a Difference a Specialist Makes

Other body shops might offer paintless dent removal (now), but Pro Dent was the first and that means we’re still the local shop with the most experience. Plus, we work exclusively in dent and ding removal, which means it’s our priority around the clock. You wouldn’t depend on anyone but a specialist for your own well-being would you? Don’t do it with your vehicle.